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156 weeks ago

Amcor, A world-leading packaging company

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Who: Amcor, one of the world's leading packaging companies.

Why: Long-standing Chairman retiring and they wanted to create a book to capture his time as Chairman . . .as well as the company’s 140+ year history; they also wanted to be able to use it across their operations around the world to inform management and employees about the company’s history

What: A small, corporate book printed as a hard cover as well as available as a PDF online

How: Jaqui interviewed 15 senior managers and board members around the world over 2 months and wrote the story in 2 months. I also oversaw the design and editing process.

Result: A great little book that captures in words and images the history of the company and, more importantly, its transformation over the past 15 years, a transformation that has made Amcor one of the world’s leading packaging companies.