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310 weeks ago

ASX. Champions of Enterprise book

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Who: ASX operates Australia's primary securities exchange.

Why: The ASX wanted to make a significant contribution to capturing the history of business and entrepreneurship at the time of Australia’s Bicentennial in 1988.

What: A semi-academic history of business, enterprise and entrepreneurship in Australia from 1788-1990.

How: Jaqui was commissioned to be a researcher and co-author of the book alongside Prof Max Hartwell. By the time of publication, Jaqui had established her own corporate publishing business and Champions of Enterprise, Australian Entrepreneurship 1788-1991, was her first published book.

Result: Champions of Enterprise is a 320-page, hard cover book. It is now out of print and remains one of the main books that explores the history of business and entrepreneurship in Australia. Jaqui is (slowly) working on a revised edition.