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28 weeks ago


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Who: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Why: The Bank recognised that there has been no comprehensive history of the Bank written since 1940. As the leading financial institution in Australia and one of the world's leading banks it was determined that a thorough history be undertaken to capture and preserve the history, role and development of the Bank over the past 100 years

What: A 160,000-word, semi-academic history to be published as a 380-page hard cover book.

How: Jaqui Lane has been working on this history for two years. Over this time she has interviwed over 60 people including former Prime Ministers, Reserve Bank representatives, current and former Chairmen and Executives of the Bank. In addition, she has spent hundreds of hours in the Commonwealth Bank archives and sourced information from government reports, commissions and studies.

Result: Manuscript still being written, publication due in mid-2018