Corporate Stories

For over 25 years I’ve been working with listed and private and companies and organisations to help them tell their business stories. Storytelling used to be only through word of mouth and books, but things have changed. Now sharing one’s story is about creating content that engages specific audiences across multiple media platforms and ensuring that the story flows, is linked together and engages each audience.

In the age of content marketing a quote by veteran media teacher and observer, and author of 12 books on media and popular culture, Harry Jenkins, is particularly true: ‘If it doesn’t spread, its dead’.

At Global Stories we help our clients tell their business stories across any and all platforms that are available and relevant to their key audiences. At the heart of this is developing stories (narratives) that simply and compellingly relate your business story to your customers, prospects, investors, media and employees in a way that engages them. That’s where we come in and the place at which we can start helping you tell your story.

Corporate storytelling

"A big part of a CEO's job is to motivate people to reach certain goals. To do that, he or she must engage their emotions, and the key to their hearts is story."  Robert McKee, Harvard Business Review, June 2003

Corporate storytelling is the new black. For me, it’s always been every colour of the rainbow.

Here at Global Stories (aka Jaqui Lane) corporate storytelling is about working closely with you to capture, nurture, craft and write your story in a way that reflects the values, passion and people that are your business.

I understand and am passionate about the hard work of good corporate storytelling. This requires research, talking with people, capturing their memories and stories, hunting around your archives, spending time with the owners and managers to learn about your business, the industry you are in, the challenges and achievements, the people and dynamics. This takes time, care, empathy, passion and knowledge.

For most companies the ‘real story’ resides in the memories and insights provided by their leaders and management. After all, it’s people who create and build companies.

I bring these traits and skills to every corporate story I am entrusted with, as well as a 25-year track record of working with ASX-listed companies, private and family businesses and individuals.

If you are thinking of telling your story talk to me in complete confidence by calling on +61 400 800 056 or email to start a conversation. 

As Stephen King said: ‘You should. And if you are brave enough to start, you will.’

Family business histories

Family business histories require a different approach to corporate or listed company histories. Having worked on over 30 family business histories I understand the different dynamics involved better than most publishers and writers. When I am researching and writing a family business history I get to meet and know many of the family members, whether they are in the business or not. Engaging the family is an important part of a good family business history, even if they are not active in the business.

There is a great deal of trust involved in writing a family business history, and I am honoured to be entrusted by families with their story. The responsibility to craft a good story is made all that more important as a result. 

There are many questions that need to be explored in relation to undertaking a family business history. The primary one is, what is the balance between the business history and the family history. From the answer to this all other elements flow.

I’ve developed a short checklist of the key questions a family business should consider when thinking about undertaking a history. If you want a copy simply email me at jaqui@globalstories, OR talk to me in complete confidence by calling on +61 400 800 056.

Corporate timelines

Corporate timelines used to be a static list of key dates an events and, for many companies, this is still what it is. For some, the corporate timeline is an engaging interactive and dynamic mini-history, something that can project your history, successes and achievements at a given point of time and be updated periodically.

Corporate timelines can now also also integrate existing and new video footage, augmented reality elements, images, audio and engaging graphics.

If you’re not ready for your history to be written a corporate timeline might be a good first step. Talk to me in complete confidence by calling on +61 400 800 056 or email

Founder biographies

Biography of successful businesspeople are best-sellers across printed and eBooks. They appeal to a wide range of people in business, from those just starting out who are looking for guidance, insight and inspiration to those who have been in business for a while. Often, successful business people are asked by their colleagues, peers, industry connections and friend to write a book. It’s a challenge for many successdult businesspeople as they don’t have the time, might be reluctant to put themselves in the spotlight through a book, don’t know how to write it or simply don’t feel their story warrants a book. 

At Global Stories, we’ve worked with a number of successful businesspeople on their book journey. It’s much easier to create and write your book if you’re in conversation with someone who knows how to do it, can provide guidance and input and, in some cases, research and write it for you.

If you’re a successful businessperson and have been thinking about writing a book, talk to me in complete confidence by calling me on +61 400 800 056 or email

Working with people to create their book is what I do best and I can help you with your story.

Commemorative books

Many companies start to think about creating a book when a significant anniversary or milestone occurs. For most, this will be a 25, 50, 75 or 100 years. Usually, it's something that's not urgent and gets put off until the last possible moment. 

This is not the best way to approach a corporate anniversary book. As a guide it takes at least a year to research, write and produce a good quality corporate history. Ideally, you should plan for more time, 18 months is better, as it will take 2-3 months to work through want it is you want in terms of the style of writing, format and resources you have available.

Working out what is best for your business and what you want to achieve with your commemorative book is the first step. I've created a short 20 question overview that guides you through the key questions you need to ask up front and will then provide the basis for working out what you actually want. Of course, you can always call me and I can take you through the 20 questions, show you samples of books I've written and published and explain the process in more detail.

A significant business anniversary is a fantastic opportunity to record, create and share your unique story, don't miss the opportunity to capture it.

Corporate memoirs

If you are a CEO, Board Director, professional director you have probably had a long and varied career in business across both executive and board roles. You have a unique perspective on how a business, perhaps a range of businesses have operated and performed through good and challenging times. You've got a story to tell, you have knowledge and insights to share and you have one of the rarest commodities of all...perspective over the medium-to-long term.

So, how do you share this other than one-to-one mentoring and the close-knit network of 'the network'?

You write a book, your book.

How do you do this if you've never written or published a book before? You call me.

I've worked with over 100 CEOs and Directors of ASX listed companies, private companies and

family businesses. They have all trusted me with their story. I help them write it, produce, publish and

market it.

It's a terrific journey and a really tangible way to share your knowledge, experience and insights.

If you are thinking about your corporate memoir contact me and I'd be delighted to meet with you and

share my knowledge and skill about the writing and publishing process.