As a SME owner or consultant you have no doubt thought about writing, publishing and selling your own book. In fact, many mentoring and business coaching programs have creating a book as an essential part of their marketing and branding strategy.

In business today, content marketing is the new black. Storytelling is every other colour as well. Writing and publishing your own book is the ideal way to leverage your knowledge and IP, market your brand and build awareness across your key target audiences.

Given that it’s so important the real question for most SME owners and consultants is HOW to do it, more specifically, how to go about writing, publishing and marketing it.

At Global Stories we can help you write your content or simply write it for you.

In addition, given we have over 25 years of book publishing, marketing and selling experience, we can work with you to undertake some or all of these components, depending on what you want to do or can do.

Planning content

There is a famous comment from Dennis Conner that I always remember. When asked by a journalist how he won the America’s Cup his comment was: ‘I had a plan to win.’

Writing any content requires the same focus and it requires a plan. One of the most consistent themes you will her about across content marketing and brand storytelling is the importance of having a content marketing strategy and building a content marketing plan.

While I have come in to the content marketing marketplace from the writing side (as opposed to the marketing and advertising side), I believe this gives me a real advantage in really understanding content marketing and planning. After all, you can strategise and plan all you like, but unless you have great content – well-told stories that are well researched and written – all the planning in the world is useless.

Given this, planning the content, corporate stories, company histories or other content I write is the first thing I work on with my clients.

The plan includes defining the key messages, target audiences/customer persona, platform for delivery, timeframe, writing/content requirements, the review and approval process, performance measurements and metrics/desired outcomes etc. 

If the writing and content is the creation of a book and it’s publication, launch, sale and distribution, the planning and processes will be different, but it still happens.

Dennis Conner had a plan to win. I construct a plan to deliver the best writing and content to target audiences that have been identified and researched so that my clients generate more value for their business, brand, IP or themselves.

If you want to write, publish and sell a book, or create content that actually helps drive new business, talk to me in complete confidence by calling me on +61 400 800 056 or email

Writing the content

Research and writing is core of Global Stories. I am passionate about and love researching, interviewing and writing corporate stories, business histories, business biographies and specialist business books. Having written 10 company histories and a range of other content (from blogs, white papers, speeches, branding and marketing messages across a wide range of industry sectors, I have a track record in delivering engaging, relevant and interesting content for my clients.

The stories and content I write resonates and this delivers better engagement with, and sales for, my clients.

With a deep understanding of business across a variety of sectors and a background in business/economic history, I bring 30 years of knowledge and insight to every writing project I undertake. Combined with my skill as a storyteller and a clear focus and understanding of the target audiences for a book, my clients   writing and content that adds real value to their businesses.


Over 30 years we’ve built a team of editors and proofreaders that understand the standard and type of editing we require for our clients. We’ve also learnt a lot from them along the way (and had more than a few discussions about particular spelling, punctuation and grammatical preferences). 

It’s essential that writing, particularly corporate stories and business writing, be professionally edited. Your words are your calling card. If they are not engaging, clear, concise and correct you will lose business.

In an business world where the ‘About Us’ section of websites is the most viewed page by a factor of eight, you had better have a great ‘about us’ page. If you don’t your potential customers and clients simply won’t go any further.

The same is true of a corporate story, a corporate book or business book. If your introduction is not engaging and technically correct, people won’t buy it or read it even if you’ve given it to them.

If you have spent time and/or money on writing your book, spend a fraction more to get it professionally edited. I am not an editor but I work closely with several people who are. And we still have vigorous discussions about spelling, punctuation and grammatical preference.

It you want to engage an editor, click here. (Glyn…again ideally this should go to a standard enquiries page where they put their email and name in, there’s a space for them to type in their request/query…and then I can get back to them. This should also have an automated response mechanism whereby they receive a standard message…yet to be created but along the lines of ‘thank you for your request. We’ll contact you within 24 hours to discuss your specific requirements and provide a quote.

Production management

Writing your story Is an important and vital first part of capturing your company’s story. How it is presented is equally important.

While I don’t believe people judge a book by its cover I do believe that a well designed, crafted and quality presentation is absolutely vital if you want to engage people. 

We’ll work closely with you to help create the design and presentation that best suits your style and tone, engages your clients, partners, staff, suppliers, the media and industry representatives. This includes helping you source and select the images for the book, creating a design concept that integrates with your branding and style and, of course, coming up with a title and cover design that

We will also work out how many books you actually need, what format and style is best suited to your book and secure the best price. We’ll also work through digital options such as eBooks and how we can repurpose the content for your website, SlideShare, YouTube and other social media channels IF they are relevant. 

And, we’ll manage this whole process so you get your book on time, within budget and to a quality that you’ll be delighted with. We can promised this as I’ve published over 400 books for some of Australia’s largest (and smallest) companies.

Marketing and sales

Many companies use their book as a key part of the their marketing and

For this to be effective and meaningful it’s good to plan this ahead of time. After all, you will have spent time, money and passion on your book so we want to make sure you share it with the people that mean the most to you and the business.

Planning the launch, distribution and marketing around your book leverages it and your company. Engaging industry, financial and specialist media may or may not be part of your plan. Thinking and planning about this in advance is important and we’ve been there so know what works and what doesn’t.

The decision about whether you want to sell your book is an important one. Many companies don’t want to sell their book. They want to present it as a celebration and thank you to staff, clients/customers, suppliers, partners etc. Whatever your decision, we’ll work through the options, costs and benefits.

The Book Adviser

When I share with people that I am a publisher and storyteller I am invariably posed the same statement and question. ‘I’ve always wanted to write a book, how do I start and what do I have to do to get it published?’

With the advent of eBooks and self-publishing anyone can be a published writer, and it’s really a great feeling to have a book with your name on it. The challenge, though, is that while it’s relatively easy to publish your own book now, it takes a significant amount of focus, effort, skill and passion to actually write a book and then money to get it into either an eBook or, as I have been known to say ‘a book-book’.

Having published over 400 books (book-books) and written several myself I’ve become the ‘go-to’ person across my networks if anyone wants to write a book. So, I’ve decided to bring my knowledge of writing and publishing together and share it with everyone. The best way to do this is on line, so has been created to do just this. is focused on SMEs, business owners and consultants who have a business story to tell or IP to share and leverage. If offers a range of downloadable templates and tips, a few eBooks and a range of 1 to 1 individual coaching options. is a work in progress. I believe there are people out there who want to write, publish and sell their story but don’t know how. Exactly what advice, knowledge and support they need is something I don’t claim to know. So, I’ve taken the advice from some of the best in the online world about how to start building this idea: engage the people you want to help and they’ll tell you what they want and need and how you can help them better.

Now is the time to take that leap of faith and start the book journey that you’ve always thought of Take a look at and we can go on the journey together.